Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Double Double Fail

Major Fail #2 for the day- Go to Wal-Mart after failed nap attempt. Look at sheet/comforter sets. Ask Claire if she wants Dora, Tinkerbell, or Princess bedding. This will help her sleep in her own bed, right? Ha. She put all three in the cart. My idea about having her help put stuff in the cart. FAIL! I tried to put her in the cart. Fail. I tried to put the bedding back. Fail. Well, I put it back because I wasn't really planning to buy it today...but I wanted to know which one she would want...I'm thinking our Christmas gift to her. So she had a fit. Shopping with a toddler fail. Seems like we were just at the store...anyways...I had gone to buy a coat rack since I broke our other one. FAIL. They didn't have any coat racks. Wal-mart sucks. I resorted to bribery. I told her if she stopped crying we could buy ice cream. Guess who stopped crying.

Guess who probably needed a nap and not ice cream? HA. I will try to do the every other day nap for awhile. Seriously though...she doesn't even know what sheets are...she just liked the packaging. Marketers are geniuses. I was actually reading about rewarding for potty-training last night. Like if she goes pee on the potty, she gets a Skittle; poop she gets 2. I totally see that working for her, but I didn't want to use food as a reward. I just might do this. But I am gonna wait until we get back from San Francisco in Nov. to start really potty training her. My goal is to do 4 days of panties and see how it goes...I've just got to do it. Maybe I'll try to keep her in the kitchen those days. Dang light carpet in the rest of the house. Anyways, I was reading that it's ok to "reward" vs. "bribe." A reward would be something consistent that she knows is coming. Example: pottying in potty for a Skittle. A bribe would be what I did today: Stop crying and Mommy will buy you ice cream because Mommy is pregnant and feels like eating some ice cream today, too, because she didn't get her nap either and needs an afternoon sugar rush after dealing with the sheets tantrum. Bribery fail.

Major Fail #3 -- Cool mom fail. We got home and ate our ice cream at the table. I was watching these 2 boys climb the tree in our back yard. It's a mulberry and very messy. I have told these same 2 boys at least 2 other times in the past 2 months not to climb the tree. There are like 4 and 6. I swear they are too little to be out alone. I don't even know where they live. I never even see them with a parent or adult. Anyways, I told them to get out of the tree again. I was nice and have been in the past. Do I need to start being mean? I told them it was not safe to climb trees, especially ones on a hill like that one. Plus it was rainy this morning, and I'm sure the tree was all wet and slippery. Did I tell you I trimmed a bunch of trees? Well apparently I need to get a saw and hack off the lowest branch because then they would have a harder time getting up there. Am I being paranoid? I really just don't want to watch them fall out and break something. Then I'd have to be the one to call 911...and I don't even know how we'd tell their parents. They always get right out and say sorry, but it's getting old. I feel bad that I'm ruining their fun, but what to do?

Major Fail #4 - Walmart sucks. But we know that. I bought diapers. The cashier was talking to Claire and goes, "These aren't for you are they? You're too big for diapers." Fail. And that seriously pissed me off enough to make me want to call in and say something to the manager, but I didn't say anything...I didn't want her to ring me up wrong or something. So what do you do in a case like that? Have you ever had a cashier comment on something you bought. It's always awkward. And probably really needs her job at Wal-Mart...I don't want that kind of Karma.

Epic fail would be losing Claire...and that's only happened like 3 times for less than a minute each, but very nerve-wracking indeed!

My day was full of fail this afternoon, but at least we had a great morning today! :)


Richard Gross said...

telling little boys not to climb a tree is like being told to hold a chocolate milkshake and not drink it...

Anonymous said...

Hugs to you Maria! I've had many failing days! At least you're wise enough to see the good as well!