Monday, October 26, 2009

No Nap -- Day TWO!

Yesterday was Claire's first day without a nap. Today was her 2nd. It seems to be going well...we'll see where things take us...but today was a busy one! We started the morning as usual, but headed out for an early lunch with mom friends at a pizza buffet. It was major fail on my part. I was only a tiny bit late...5 minutes. But everyone was already seated and I just walked it all the way to the back. I put my stuff down and got was a pizza buffet. So then I ask one of the other moms if the waitress had already been around to take orders for drinks. GASP.

FAIL #1 for the day. I walked by the cashier at the front and did not pre-pay and get my drink at the front like you're supposed to. See, this is why I like chains. You know what to do at Crapple-bees (Applebees). So then I had to go up to the front and pay and get my drink after the fact and felt mildly retarded.

Then I went to a local consignment store always looking for a steal. Claire loves it because it has a play room. This is great because she can play while I look around. Sometimes...usually I find nothing. Today I found her a super-cute Christmas outfit for 5 bucks. SCORE!

We headed home and I realized it was really freaking nice out. So I set Claire up in the driveway with chalk and her bike and weeded my front flower beds along with cutting down all the nasty dead yellow hostas and other flowers. Then I trimmed the trees in the front...I hate how they get all those little shoots. What I hate worse is going on walks and seeing hundreds of trees around our neighborhood with tons of shoots. Really people...are you trying to grow a tree or a bush? TRIM YOUR STUFF.

I drew Claire a hopscotch and showed her how to jump on it. She had a blast with that while I trimmed our bushes on both sides of our house. I hacked the heck out of them. I trimmed them just in July and THEY'RE BACK!!!!!!!! So they are now tiny knee high ones. Hopefully I killed them both. They are forsythias which I totally pruned wrong now after reading this Good. Death to them. :) Hey, they were cheap freebies...what...freebies are cheap! I got most of our trees from the Arbor Day website and they tossed in 2 free forsythias. All of our stuff from them has grown really great! I love our willow tree, although I trimmed the heck out of that today too.

Anyways, I filled up like 6 giant black bags (which I then took to a local trash compacter after dark hehe)...and don't complain about not mulching them or something. If you want to do that...I'll tell you where you can go get it tonight and do it yourself! :) So now I am sore.

So then I took a quick shower with Claire. This is an oxymoron. Doing anything with a 2 year old is never quick. I fill up the bottom. She plays with toys. I wash my hair, etc...I get out, dry off, wash her, let her play in the water some more...get myself ready...finally get her out even though she begs to stay in!!! Seriously though...I can't believe how dirty kids get. She gets chalk everywhere. She helps me pull weeds and gets full of dirt/grass/mulch. She needed a bath more than me!

Then we went trick-or-treating around the local HS with friends. Check out my latest Facebook album for pictures...because this site sucks for uploading pictures. My goal for tomorrow is to make some applesauce...homemade of course...and lots of it!

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