Thursday, October 29, 2009


I went to bed with Claire at 8 last night and enjoyed sleeping till about 8:15 when she woke me up. ;) Oh, did I mention she still wakes up at night. Like all the time. Like 3-4 times/night. I know, get her out of our bed, right? Well, I guess her waking up isn't that bad because I'm too lazy to walk like 5 minutes to her room and put her in her room in a crib and walk goal is to get her set up in a twin by Jan. or so and start laying down with her in her own room. Sigh. Sounds like work.

I'm grumpy because I'm still having a lot of queasy morning sickness feelings even though I've tried all the suggestions. Stop reading if you don't want to hear more about morning sickness. I don't like ginger. I've tried all those wacky ginger products too. I don't like ginger ale because of the carbonation. The bubbles make me feel sicker because then it makes me feel like I have to burp since I don't drink pop...except rarely a Sprite...anyways it's starting to tick me off. Grr. Preggy pops suck. I'd rather eat a sucker covered with hair that Claire found behind the couch if that tells you how badly they suck.

I've been sleeping with a trash by my bed it's that bad. When I was pregnant with Claire the only time I ever chucked was about And only then half a dozen times...this pregnancy is the same...not chucking, just feeling like I have to all the time, which is almost worse. After I chuck, I always feel better.

The sickest thing is when someone clears their throat or "hocks a loogie." I seriously want to chuck in their face and then punch them. Repeatedly.

That is all for now.

I did not put Claire down for a nap today. She didn't ask either. I like the earlier bed time.

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Anja said...

Maybe you should give homeopathy a try to cure morning sickness: