Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I needed a nap!

Claire took a nap today because I decided that I WANTED A NAP! So we laid down, and I set the alarm. See the problem is that when I lay next to her for a nap we can easily sleep 3 hours. AWESOME! Especially on a dark rainy day like today. Well...if she sleeps for 3 hours in the afternoon...she is so not going to bed at 8. So we slept for an hour and it was oh so glorious. I am torn on the nap thing...to nap or not to nap...maybe we'll just take it one day at a time and do whatever I feel like doing or see how she is acting. This morning I made some super-yummy applesauce in the crockpot from all my apples. SO GOOD! I love my crock-pot. I don't even put it away half the time. It has a permanent spot on the counter.

I'm super-proud of how awesome my yard looks from all of my hard work yesterday. Good thing I did some yesterday because today was much colder and wet. Boo. I want some nice fall days to enjoy before winter surrounds us and we are stuck inside.

I took Claire to the library to play today since story time is on "fall break" this week and next. They were cleaning the fish tank, and she thought that was great. They also have a creepy stuffed owl she loves looking at. I think she thinks of the Owl in all of our Pooh books. She also got to see her story time teacher, Miss Emily, which confused her when we walked in and her nametag wasn't laid out. Then we had been playing for some time, and she kept saying, "Story time bell?" because they ring a bell when it's time to go in the room. She was ok with it though because she got all the toys to herself. There was nobody else there on this cold, wet morning!

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Kelly said...

I would suggest keeping the nap, or at least a quiet time where Claire can read/rest by herself because having both my kids nap at the same time every day has been my saving grace. It's the time of day I get for ME! although, on the flip side of that, if claire isnt napping, that could be claire's time alone w/ mommy.