Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Grocery Lists

How many times have you made a grocery list and then left it at home or in the car or misplaced it? Am I the only one? Surely not.

Anyways, I went to Kroger with these things on my list:

C BATTERIES (written huge like that because I always forget the batteries)

  • oatmeal (Claire eats it every morning and demands it sometimes for other meals)
  • diapers? (with a ? because I can't decide between them, pull-ups, or trying more potty-training)
  • vodka
  • eggnog (the last 2 for Josh)

Anyways, Josh saw my list later last night and thought it was hilarious. So that's all that was on my "list" because most of the stuff I just remember to buy anyways. And even if it's on the list I end up forgetting items because I missed the aisle or can't find toothpicks in Wal-Mart because they put them in the popcorn aisle or something insane.

So I end up spending exactly $208. ON THE NOSE. That's creepy. AND I saved over $22 in coupons. Kroger sends out coupons specific to what you buy. Plus you can layer coupons, as in no limit. So if you have a $3 Manufacturers off coupons for Huggies, plus they are on sale by at least $1, plus you have a $1.50 off coupon from Kroger, a $10 pack of about 30 diapers is pretty dang cheap in the end.

I stocked up on both diaper and pull-ups since we had a miserable time Monday and Tuesday trying to just wear panties. Some people say just deal with the messes for a few days. Well Monday, she peed her pants 5 times before I put a diaper on her. And then on Tuesday she had a poo accident. Yikes. And skip the rest of this paragraph if you don't want to hear about potty stuff...well...the poop was mushy. So when I pulled down her was everywhere. I had to rinse and rinse her in the bathtub before I could give her a regular bath. But there were also a few little "balls" that I had to scoop out into the toilet with wipes. I will stop writing about this now. Thank goodness I had wipes right by the bathtub. I so would not want to deal with a washcloth and having to rinse that out. I so could not be a nurse. I have enough of a time dealing with regular changes and trying not to hurl. I so can't handle this while my sense of smell is heightened while pregnant.

It seems that a lot of people seem to think she'll regret in 20 weeks when the baby 2 arrives, so I should just wait. I honestly don't care when she's potty trained. It seems like there is all this pressure in the US for kids to sleep through the night in their own crib, wean before they are ready, potty train before they are ready, etc. I may give it another go in a few weeks, but I'm done for awhile. I just don't want to be doing that much laundry. She does better asking when she's in a diaper/pull-up and wants to sit on the potty.

Ok, so then I bought milk that was not just expired, it smelled bad when I opened it, but I thought for sure I was imagining it or smelling something else since I had just bought it yesterday. Luckily I was standing by the sink and spit the mouthful of milk down the drain that I had taken. I'm so glad that I didn't give Claire cereal with that milk or a cup of milk to her. I wonder if she would've consumed it? I took it back today and they were super nice and apologetic. They said they do not normally sell milk that is past the date. It was an oversight. BUT I had gotten 2 of the half gallon jugs (they were 2 for $3 so cheaper than a whole gallon). And both expired on the 15th. I bought them on the 17th!!! So how many other expired ones were sold?

Well, this brings me back to my point...I had only written down 5 items to buy because they were the things I might forget, and I FORGOT THE DANG BATTERIES! So I had to go back today anyways to get batteries. The batteries were for a Christmas Train thingy that makes music...a former decoration that will now serve as a toy for Claire! :)

So remember to always check the dates on the milk at Kroger...esp. on the half gallon jugs! Maybe I'll try writing my grocery list on my arm in the future.


liza said...

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Kelly said...

ugh, i forget my list 50% of the time. usually i forget it in the car and who wants to go back out to the car when your hauling around a toddler and a baby? not me. i always forget stuff too, being a mommy has DESTROYED my memory. it is ridiculously bad.

about the potty training... if claire isn't doing well, just give it up for a while. it doesnt happen overnight, and if you're frustrated w/ it, just give it up for a while. honestly when katelyn was a newborn, it was probably easier to have nathan in diapers. especially when we're out and about, potty training is a pain in the rear. try again next month.