Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hey Piggy?

Last night, Claire was chatting on her toy cell phone. Daddy asked who she was talking to. She replied, "PIGGY!" "HEY PIGGY! YOU GOT BACON FOR ME?" It was pretty funny. Josh always tells her that piggies make bacon. So she started saying it again this morning. So I told her to ask Mr. Cow if he had Hamburgers for her...and she did.

Last night, Josh gave Claire a bath while I was at LLL. He fills the tub really full. Claire was telling me all about it this morning. "Daddy give me bath! Daddy make big water! I swim in bath ocean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Apparently she is associating lots of water in the tub with an ocean. So cute.

It's raining this morning. We opened the blinds to see the sadly melted sidewalk drawings. This always upsets her. She goes, "Mommy, fix it." I said I couldn't because it was still raining and the ground was wet. Chalk can't stick when it's wet. Her solution? "Mommy, get big towel!!!"

Saturday morning, she was walking around the house with her belly sticking out, saying "Mommy, I pregnant. I got baby in my belly." Apparently, I am showing.

Along that same note, she also has told me "Mommy, You have big gut." Yes, indeed. And this was at the grocery store, too. She was poking me in the gut, and I told her to stop poking me. I'm sure it's very tempting...this pretty big baby belly right at her eye level when she sits in the shopping cart. Well, I'm halfway there. Last week I was measuring 19 weeks, so my 20 week ultrasound is on Thursday. I think my original due date might be "changed" but I do not want to let them induce me before the latest due date I've been given. Well at least Claire hasn't started calling me piggy. :)

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