Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I got bitten.

Something bit me. It's the nesting bug. Seriously. I am have been going nuts cleaning/organizing and baking/cooking. Tonight I made some BBQ chicken pizza with onions and green peppers. It was glorious. Instead of a red sauce, you use BBQ sauce. It's kind of like that pizza they have at Papa Johns, but the chicken doesn't taste like it's been frozen. :)

So right now the downstairs is super organized and ready. We are having Thanksgiving here on Saturday. That means I have 2 days to finish the upstairs. Eep. Last night I decided it was a good idea to pull out all of Claire's clothes to go through them and see what I have that is neutral. I am about halfway through and found 2 yellow onesies. SCORE! Lol.

Then I thought I needed to pull everything out of the hall closet to get out the upstairs decorations for Christmas. Yep. I thought that was a good idea. Now the hall is full of about 42 boxes and plastic storage bins. I'm also going through my teaching stuff right now finding some cool stuff I can use with Claire. Really...because this is just the time of year I need to pull out 8 paper boxes full of teaching crap.

I better get busy. Wish me luck. Damn nesting bug.

HEY! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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