Friday, November 27, 2009

Refusing Pit

Neat story about refusing Pit in labor: I hope I'm able to refuse pit this time around!!! In case you were wondering, despite my attempts at interviewing midwives, etc...sadly, due to our insurance, it will be cheaper to have a delivery by an OB. I'm sure the insurance looks at "risks" too. But whatever. I hired an awesome doula that helped deliver the baby of a friend of mine and has worked closely with the OB office quite a bit, so she'll be able to be my defender! It's pretty sad that even the the hospital birth will be a lot more on "paper" by the time the insurance picks up their portion, it will be far cheaper than the midwives or birthing center in Indy, which I looked into as well. Both more natural options we would have to pay completely out of pocket. Sucks. Once again, medical decisions are made based around money.

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