Thursday, January 28, 2010

30 Month Update

Well Claire has officially turned 30 months...or exactly 2 and 1/2 for those of you who are not so math-inclined or don't have a toddler. ;) Here's some things that she has been saying and doing lately:

Instead of "No" she will say, "I don't think so."

She has started to say "notice" like, "I noticed Belle on that!" which cracks me up because "notice" seems like a big word.

"Goofy." She will usually say this like if her socks are twisted. She'll say, "Mommy! My socks feel goofy!" She is very dramatic when it comes to clothing.

We've enjoyed the little snow we got this week. When we came in and took off her boots, she goes, "I got wet socks from my pee." I started cracking up. They weren't pee-wet. They were snow-wet. That's what you get from boots that are 2 sizes too big. :) Yup. Garage sale boots for $1 and they will totally fit next year as well. It's not really worth buying boots in her current size for wearing out in the snow for 10-20 minutes a pop for maybe 3 times a week or snow. And if she'd stop crawling around in the snow, then the snow wouldn't get in there!

She calls everyone her "best friend" including certain toys and books as well as people.

Her questions continue. She wants to know "Who is that from?" regarding all her books and toys...I think it is a carry-over from Christmas!

She'll ask "Who got that for me?" It's enough to drive me batty because she'll ask about the same items over and over...yes, repetition helps them learn alright.

But, she wants to know more. She will ask silly things like, "Who bought the table? The chairs? Who bought the ceiling? The bath tubs?" etc. etc. naming everything in sight Goodnight Moon style.

Then if we go to someone's house she will ask about all their stuff when we get home, "Who bought Christopher's bathtub? Who bought Christopher's potty?" etc. etc.

She wants to know how old everyone is. "How old is ___________?" She wants to know all the ages of the Princesses. I've decided that they are all 16. Ha. I don't know why she is so obsessed with them. She's never seen one of their movies, just a Sing-along that's 30 minutes! Hmm...maybe one of these movies would entertain her long enough for me to get some scrapbooking done?

She of course still wants to know everyone's name, or she wants to name them. Girls will be named "Sarah" because she likes that movie The Labyrinth" even most boys will be named this as well. She has a book called "Dragon Tales" and loves the book because it has a squeaky caterpillar on it. There is a character named Cassie in it, so she has named one of her night-night babies "Cassie." I think it's a TV show or movie too?

Her favorite book is currently Just in Case You Ever Wonder. I like it because it's God-centered, but not overly dry. There are 2 pages about "monsters" which she absolutely loves. I'm not sure why, but I guess it's something fun?

If she wants me to see/do something, she'll say, "Come on. Let's go. It will be very fun! No monsters! I'll protect you!" This is of course, totally from the book!

I'm glad she's developing other favorites. She seems to have a favorite book for a week or so and then shifts. She is also wanting me to listen to her read. She'll say, "NO! I gonna read it to you!" Then she will tell me what she remembers, which is really cute to hear what the important parts are that stick out in her mind. She will also ask me lots of questions. I guess I tend to do this a lot because I've gotten tired of "reading" the text. So she'll say, "Mommy, now point to the cow jumping over the moon?" or "Where is the little gray mousie" or "How many mittens hanging up?" about Goodnight Moon.

We have since installed door knob covers around the house. I'd always strongly discouraged her from even touching the doorknobs or letting her see "how" to open the door knob...but yes, oh can she open them all now. It took a little bit long to open the side that pulls out toward you. It's easier to push the door open.

I got the knobs installed because I NEEDED her closet locked off. She wants to change her clothes all day. My next project is to shift a dresser that's in our master closet into her dresser. And ahahha...she won't be able to open it for awhile. It pulls very hard, and the drawers are heavy. Then her current dresser will be the baby boy's since it's smaller, and well, he'll be smaller for awhile!

She can also turn on/off the sinks. She may have actually been able to do this sooner, but I never let her since I was "afraid" she might burn herself or something. Ha. This time of year it takes awhile for the water to get WARM let alone HOT! I figure I may as well try to teach her as much as I can before the new baby!

We've also put the trash cans back in their old positions. We had set the bathroom and kitchen wastebaskets up on the counter when she started pulling up. I'd tried putting them down before but she would either throw toys in them or try to take out stuff...yuck! Now she understands NOT to take out a half-eaten cracker if it's in the trash. Knock on wood. I'm sure this one won't be flawless.

She follows directions really really well. She will set the table for me and LIKES to help. She gets mad if I put the plates on the table. She wants me to then take them off and give them to her, which cracks me up. Sunday, I made omelets for my parents and she even set the table with extra places!

She wants to help me fold laundry so I've been trying to teach her to fold towels/washcloths, which is something I know will come in very handy!

She wants to hear about her baby brother all the time! I told her we have to wait until a little bit after Easter when it starts to get warm out and the flowers and trees start to green-up again. I'll tell her that he can't eat any food or drink anything other than nummies. She goes, "OK! I'll share." And then...melt my heart...she goes, "I'll feed him my nummies" and points at herself! That was so cute! I see lots of doll-nursing going on in a few months!

Mobile stuff...she loves to run in circles still. She likes to put a little blanket down on the floor and call it her "jumping spot" and then will jump right on that spot...handy! She has taken her little bikes out in the snow and is pretty good at scooting them along despite the extra blockage from the snow. We're still working on pedaling. I think that's a 36 month milestone?

She LOVES ring-around-the-rosie and sometimes I wish I'd never taught it to her ;) Ha! She loves to jump in the pool at the Wellness Center. She can jump with 2 feet just fine, but jumping forward off the ledge is a bit trickier. She kind of just steps off it. Sometimes when she runs she gallops which is really funny looking!

I've been trying to film her singing her ABCs but she's a little stinker. She will just say "ABCs poop. ABCs pee!" when I try to film her singing it. I've tried filming behind her when she's busy, but she always catches me ;) I think she knows that it makes me ticked.

It's amazing how much she has changed since a year ago last January! I'm sure it will be just as amazing as we move forward another year.

Now we're starting to think preschools...she'll be old enough for any of the 3s classes in the fall. So I'm wondering to start her now, or wait until she is 4 and start her then. I know she would LOVE preschool. I remember absolutely LOVING preschool myself. My favorite preschool memory is of a "Lollipop Tree." My teacher, Mrs. Brown, read us a story about a tree that grew Lollipops. Then she had us go outside and...there were suckers tied all over the tree!!!

I've thought about just continuing to do crafts and things with her at home for another year and then starting, but I think I need to talk to some more moms about how old their kiddies were when starting preschool. Thoughts? Leave me a comment.

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Kelly said...

I am planning on enrolling Nathan in a preschool next fall. It will be tues/thurs from 9-1. I think he'll love it, and it will be nice to have some time alone w/ Katelyn.

also, I totally have to second what you said about teaching Claire to be more independent. Nathan has always been more independent and it has been really nice to have him be able to do some stuff all by himself. For example, he can climb into the van and into his car seat all by himself and while I'm buckling Katelyn in, he climbs in and then I just have to buckle him it.