Saturday, January 30, 2010

Feeding Baby Brother

Today completely out of the blue, Claire lifted up my shirt and tried to feed her baby brother a cheddar bunny through my belly button. She's so sweet trying to share. ;) I explained that he won't be able to eat or drink anything other than nummies for a long, long time! She seemed satisfied when I told her that she could tell him about her food or show him food, just not feed it to him.

On another note, she continues to leave the "l" out of clock. So if you hear her talking about her "cock" puzzle, it's just a clock puzzle. And although when she talks about a "cock-a-dile" it may sound like a racy 900 number, she's really just saying crocodile.

1 comment:

Kristel said...

Ok, I just choked on my cereal while reading that 'cock-o-dile' comment! Love it! =)