Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Glucose Test Already

I am in the homestretch now! I had my glucose test yesterday as part of the standard OB care. It was fine, or they would have called me today. The test really wasn't THAT bad...I think that there are much worse tests. I drank an orange pop type drink that tasted pretty flat. Then I had my regular OB appointment. Everything was fine. I had to wait a full hour, then they did a simple blood draw and took two vials. Baby's doing well, and he is growing on schedule. I'm going to the OB every 2 weeks now! AHH! That little boy will be here before we know it. Time to start getting some baby boy names together! I didn't have GD or any other problems with Claire's pregnancy either. Knock on wood!!!

I have been following the Brewer's Pregnancy Diet which is the same one the Bradley Classes advise following. It's basically a standard healthy eating plan incorporating a lot of fresh fruits and veggies. My breakfast is usually 2 hardboiled eggs and a large orange. Claire loves oranges as well. I would say that's the only thing "unique" about the diet is that they want you to have citrus daily and 2 eggs daily. I can't stand eggs most ways restaurants make them, unless they are poached extra hard, then it's like hard boiled eggs! Ha! But we maybe make it out to breakfast once/month! I find the one thing hard about the diet is to eat 3 baked potatoes a week. That seems like a lot. I am very into rice and pasta more than potatoes. I also like to make soups with bread for sides. Once a week we usually do breakfast for dinner since it's easy. Another easy dinner is soup/sandwiches which of course wouldn't include potatoes either! Monday I cracked out my breadmaker and made some homemade bread as well as some "Sunday Roast Chicken" in the crockpot. I love crockpotting! (Is that a word?) My goal is to not gain any more weight than I did with Claire's pregnancy and so far I'm on track. If anything, I've gained less so far, but that's subject to change...lol!

One thing I have noticed this pregnancy is some back pain, but honestly I think it's from carrying Claire around way too much...still. She still asks to be carried a lot and I pick her up without thinking. I've been trying to have her walk more, but I honestly enjoy it when she lets me carry her because I know that her carrying days will be ending soon! So it's hard to say what the back pain is from...maybe from when Claire was born? Who knows. It could also be from a lot more nesting and working around the house. With Claire's pregnancy I was teaching full time, and I did not do a lot of nesting...plus we hadn't been in this house that long...so there wasn't a lot to do to nest! Now I feel like everything is always a mess! (BLAME THE TODDLER!)

Everytime I get down on the floor to do exercises or stretches Claire wants to climb all over me and/or play horsey. Sigh. Today I was on the exercise ball, and she goes, "Me take a nap on the big ball?" HA. She can't even sit on it alone, and she wants to take a nap on it? LOL! Yesterday we got to go outside and play in the dusting of snow. She had a ball, but I froze. I need snowpants! I don't think they make maternity snowpants! HA! I also refuse to buy maternity nylons. And since I'm 6'1 it's hard to buy nylons long enough anyways. That was always my other trick. I'd just put nylons on under my pants. I have a pair of "snow pants" that I wore sledding/skiing in high school, but they are only a large. So. Not. Fitting. at 29 weeks prego! FAIL! I tried them on and had to laugh.

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