Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Claire's First Surgery

I was at my computer. Claire was digging around in my desk for paper and pens as usual. All of a sudden I felt this horrible HORRIBLE sharp pain in the soft back part of my arm, about half-way between my elbow and shoulder. She had pinched me with a stapler remover!!!!!!!!!! Holy hell!!! OUCH!

I had no warning since she hadn't even been touching me prior to the stab wound. She had just been scribbling on a pad of paper standing next to me, while I sat at my desk. It looks like the stapler remover bit me with it's four little teeth and drug it's teeth across my flesh. It started bleeding right away.

I of course had screamed, so then Claire started crying. :( I think she was trying to preform her first surgery on me. In retrospect, I'm very glad that she took a chunk out of my arm rather than her own arm or finger...etc. I don't know what possessed her to do that though! I don't think I've used that thing since I was teaching. Sigh. It's so weird because she's had access to all my drawers for MONTHS and had never touched it!

We used to keep a yardstick in the drawer handles so she couldn't get them open. Then she figured out she was strong enough to just yank hard, and she has broken 2 yard sticks this way. FUN! Well...I think my desk drawers are now totally kid friendly...now...