Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Baby Brother!

Claire loves to love on her baby brother.

If someone asks her if she's going to be a big sister soon, she'll get very excited and say, "I gonna have a baby brother! It'll be at Easter time when all the snow piles all gone and flowers come up!" And now she's added more information onto that to anyone who listens: "And I a big girl and use the potty and sleep in underpants!" (She has been napping in panties but I'm not brave enough for night time yet...she's gonna have to wake up dry at least a week straight before I'm thinking of letting her sleep in panties! Too much of a mess!) Then she'll say what princess is on her underwear. And then she'll say what color underwear I'm wearing. Geesh. She pays too much attention to these things. Yup. I'm not kidding.
"My momma's got on purple underwear. I got on my Belle underwear!" Since we're talking about these she grabbed the crotch of my pants when we went into the bathroom at church and said, "Good job, Momma! You're keeping your panties dry!" Thank goodness we were in the bathroom at that point. But I guess I've been feeling her there to check to make sure she's dry because I just can't believe how well things are going. Now I do believe that they will train when ready.
She had been going in the bathroom, pulling her pants down, throwing her own diaper away, peeing on her little potty, then coming to get me to see. NOW she will wipe herself and dump her little potty into the big one. Sigh. Then she wants to rinse it like she sees me do. So she'll push her step stool to the sink, fill it up with water, and then set it on the sink counter, get down, then dump the water in the pot. I can handle this. She can't get onto our potties. They are really tall. They are the handicapped, elongated toilets in all our bathrooms. Great for adults who are taller since the are also higher up off the ground. Not so great for a toddler!
Ok, so I said I wasn't going to blog about this but too late. Haha. Nothing gross though. Now the battle is sleeping in a diaper. She doesn't want to. She gets mad. I don't like to confuse her with this message either, but I also don't want to deal with a wet bed during the night. I also won't want to deal with that in a few weeks with a newborn. I'm not sure what to do. I don't really trust her in the bathroom alone, especially at night. Our light switches are also really high, which is bad. She can barely reach them when she's on the step stool. I've notice that at other houses, like my parents, that she has no problem reaching the lights from standing on the floor. It's strange how high they are here. Last night she slept 12 hours and woke up dry, but I'm wondering how many days/nights of this success will it take to be 100% potty trained. Will she regress? Will she regress when the new baby comes? It's hard to say. Sigh. Like is it safe to say that she's potty-trained now? How many accident free days are needed to say this?

Ok, so this post was going to be about how in love Claire is with the idea of her baby brother, but we digressed, per usual.


Anonymous said...

What beautiful pictures!

Congrats on the potty learning! It sounds like Claire has it down! Would she settle for a Pull-Up at night?

Turtlespinning said...

How about a night light in the bathroom?? Even I have one of those. I don't like to be blinded in the middle of the night.