Monday, March 8, 2010

Tinkerbell Fan

I've been having fun taking pictures of Claire now that it's warmed up a tad!
These are fake, but I already saw some little things sprouting around my house today, despite the lingering blobs of snow here and there!

Loves to talk. Even in her sleep.

Yes, drawing in a new white dress with markers. I am brave. Haha...these are the "color wonder markers" that won't mark on anything but the special paper.
Loves to draw and color. Today on the way to the grocery store she was writing a recipe and saying what it was aloud: "2 cup a oatmeal, 2 cup a salt, 1 cup a sugar, 1 cup a milk." Should be tasty. ;)

Loves to climb. Wish we had tumbling more than once/week!

I love her bangs. I love bangs on little girls in general though, don't you? No hair in the eyes here! (I can't stand that!)

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Kristel said...

Great shots!! She is just adorable!