Thursday, March 11, 2010

Piddle Pad

Have you heard of a Piddle Pad? Well I got one for Claire's carseat, and it gives me peace of mind. I wouldn't have to take out the carseat liner in case she has an accident, the piddle pad would catch it. We've been accident free for over a week now, including sleeping. I've gotten her to be ok with sleeping in a pull-up. (Thanks, Pam!) I never really bought pull-ups because they are the same as diapers...even the ones that feel "cold" for a second. So I think I'll keep her in the pull-ups until after the new baby comes because what a pain to change bedding and wash her off during the night. Plus, I'm afraid that if it's like 4 or 5 in the morning, she might have had enough sleep and not want to go back to sleep. That's not enough sleep for me! ;)

A tip I found watching some YouTube videos about potty training was to treat the pull-ups like underwear vs. diapers. Take them out of the plastic bag, and then put them in a drawer next to the underwear or where ever you want to keep them. You can't keep them in the old diaper place next to the wipes, or they'll think of them as diapers.

Claire also has this sudden urge for independence in public restrooms. She insists on going into a stall alone. I hold the door shut since she doesn't know how to lock it, and I'm so not showing her yet. She does fine. The only problem is sometimes if the toilet paper roll isn't hanging out she has trouble getting the TP out.

Like, what would trigger potty-regression with a new baby? I have been trying to talk to her about what a big girl she is and point out that only little tiny babies who can't walk or talk use diapers. Sigh...hopefully anticipating this will help?

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