Saturday, May 29, 2010


I told Claire she was being a silly monkey. She replied, "I not a silly monkey! I no hang in trees!"

She walks funny sometimes to imitate a pregnant lady walking with her belly all puffed out and back arched...very cute! I will sometimes say something along the line of "We need to make a video of this!" Well the other day I laughed at something she was doing and she goes, "We needa make a video of this!"

I asked Josh if he wanted to take Claire to the P-A-R-K today while I took a nap. Claire looked at us and asked, "What P-R-K mean?" Haha! Maybe we shouldn't teacher her spelling!

She was eating food in her highchair. Alex started crying in his nearby bouncy chair. Claire looked at him and said, "Sorry, Alex. This food is only for GROWN UP KIDS!"

She put some chunks of cheese that I cut for her in a stair step fashion. She goes, "Look, Mom! I got cheese steps!" Apparently as I was slicing them from the block, each one got thicker! She now refers to that cheese as "step cheese" in case you ever wonder...

Josh and I have started talking about some toys and things when we were little. She has picked up on this. More than once she's said, "When I was a little kid, I used to play with this" which just cracks me up!

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