Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Foam Sweet Foam

Yes, we finally got Claire and Alex a play house. It's called "FOAM SWEET FOAM" which is made of this super cool hard foamy stuff. Josh put it together. It came in a flat box, of course.
It's super duper cute and really sturdy. Claire LOVES IT! It even has flowers that she can pretend to water and some fake birds she likes to feed her plastic food to. It even has a mailbox. I like to hide stuff in there and then tell her to go check her mailbox if she needs a distraction. It doesn't even need to be anything new. :)
The mailbox is on the left of the door. Claire loves to help me get mail and make birthday cards for people. She is obsessed with my address stamper. I need to get her some more stamp stuff because she loves it! I gave her some cards/envelopes to put in her mailbox, and she has had a blast with those. You can actually see 2 postcards laying on the ground! Notice all the crap she has put in there! Click on it to make it big.

And even more amazing...my brother David managed to crawl into the house with her...and was able to get out without removing the roof.
We actually told Claire the house was from Alexander! :) More photos to come of David's visit.

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