Thursday, June 10, 2010

Little Slugger!

Whenever I try to take pictures of Alexander, Claire likes to get in on the action. So, just for the record, I have many photos like this one:
Oh, this is what I was actually aiming for! Alexander still gets little newborn mittens on his hands, but he is now able to work them off, so we'll probably stop putting them on. I actually sat until he was in a deep sleep with him on my lap and trimmed all his nails for the first time! The problem before was that Claire would somehow manage to wake him up if I didn't move him to his crib/pack and play or bouncy seat high up on the counter...argh. If I had a buck for each time she has woken him up, I would have myself a nice collection of singles for garage sales ;) I hate sports and baseball in general, but you have to admit, this is a cute outfit! Ok, I don't hate sports, I just don't have the time or interest to follow them!

Aww...what a cutie pie!

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