Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I declare today a success! I went with my neighbor Jessie and her kids to the museum today. We got there right when they opened. We recently got a Children's Museum membership. Alex has already been 5 times. :) Yup...it's a great place to go! No bugs. No sunscreen. No heat! AND! There are tons of places to sit and nurse Alex while Claire plays! I even went solo one day and that was a huge success too!

Claire had a big meltdown right before lunch, but I attribute that to me letting her get overly hungry since she only had 1 bite of banana for breakfast...anyways, once she started eating, she was fine! (PS...she did not nurse all day...just before bed. That is like a first since Alex has been born and she wants to nurse when he does! But not at the museum! Too much fun stuffs!)

Then from there, we had to head back to Greenfield for tumbling at 4:30. Alex slept great in his sling that my friend Patty made. I've been forcing myself to wear it and it finally feels comfy. ;) It is like a new pair of shoes...a bit odd and awkward at first, but before long, a new sling will be like a nicely broken in pair of shoes. It's pouch, and I really love it! (THANKS PATTY!)

So since we had brought our lunch to the museum, I decided to treat Claire and I to Culver's for dinner since we'd been gone all day and Josh is going to a concert tonight. ;) I loves me some Culver's!

And by the time Claire was done with her chicken tenders, I decided it was bathtime for both of them...then bed. Plus she needed a bath since she dumped half her milkshake down her front and into her lap. Early to bed for them...that way I could get my Internet fix. Alex sleeps great! He will sleep a 5 to 6 hour stretch before waking to nurse. Problem has been that Claire has been waking up. We also finally got her a bunk bed in her room...pictures of that to come. So how about transition to new bed and having a new baby brother! FAIL! Actually, she's had her own "Princess Bed" with her pink bedding set and mattress in the corner of our room, but now it's finally in her room on a nice wooden frame!

I've been slacking off on the blog. I promise I've been taking lots of photos and videos in the meantime. I promise you will be inundated soon enough! And today was TV-free! Not that there is anything wrong with TV/movies. We enjoy them just as much as anyone, but you need those once in awhile. Oh wait. I lied. We saw a 15 minute show in the Planetarium. See...it is impossible to go TV free. They even have TVs at the church nursery! Oh well...we are all addicted to our screen-time!

Night all!

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