Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cousin Kami Visits a ClaireBear Cutie!

So it's a little early for Halloween, but that's ok! Here is our very own CLAIREBEAR CUTIE!

The way she "W" sits, makes my knees hurt, just looking at her, but she's pretty flexible!

She is cutting both top lateral incisors. This will make for SIX teeth when they are showing enough to come through on some pictures! This means we moved up to the "big girl" tooth brush vs. the little finger sleeve we'd been using!

Kami found this outfit for Claire! even has the tuft of hair, ears, tail, and little heart on the butt.

She's getting sooo big! She may even be able to walk by Halloween! Think she'll be ready for Trick-or-Treating?!? Oh, I just looked at the calendar. This year October 31st is on a Friday!
Thanks Kami! I might just have to put her in this for some more posed pictures!

Claire loves puzzles. It's a great way to keep her entertained. I snagged this one at a yard sale with Vicki for only 50 cents! What a deal!

On Sunday, we hit up Circle Center Mall with Kami. We had fun! The city was crawling with Colts fans wearing Blue and White for the game. So it was a little busy, but not too bad.

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