Wednesday, October 29, 2008

15 month milestones

Did you know October is attachment parenting month? Well it is, so before it's over, here's a link to a cool AP site: YAY! Happy attachmenting!

I found this pretty decent list I was checking for 15 month milestones. Wow. She is 1 and 1/4 already! Seems like she's on track for everything. Yay! It's amazing to think back to last year at this time! And I know next year at this time she'll be talking up a storm because she already is! I also learned at the Breastfeeding/Parenting conference that it is normal for kids to first start saying a word by only say the first or last constant of it. So I'm thinking she's probably saying more than I'll list here, but these are words I can pick out as she says them regularly.

Words she can say:
  1. Hi-Hi
  2. Bye-Bye, Buh-Bye
  3. ni-ni
  4. up-up
  5. Go
  6. Ca! (Car)
  7. Bow (we use clear tape hehe)
  8. Baby/Boy/Girl--uses these for babies/kids indiscriminately but at least everyone is not BABY anymore
  9. Mama for adult females
    Mommy for me! :) She is saying this more than Mama or Mom :)
  10. Dada for all adult males
  11. Daddy for Josh or Dad
  12. Baby Claire! She will say this when we watch her videos or look in the mirror! She thinks baby is part of her name ;)
  13. Ou! (out of highchair, carseat, etc)
  14. Alk! (walk, while pushing on stroller)
  15. Baby Girl (for her dolly)
  16. Mwah! (Kissy noise while giving kiss!)
  17. Dtop! (drop)
  18. Row! (for throw, a favorite thing to do to food while in highchair)
  19. duck
  20. turtle
  21. giggle
  22. gaggle (although she has no idea what a gaggle of geese are, I'm sure. we're trying to teach her google now ;) teehee)
  23. book
  24. Mah! (More!)
  25. Bobbi (for her Baby Carebear...when she first was trying to say Baby for anything with eyes and it has stuck)
  26. Di-di for diaper
  27. Ba! (for ball and balloons...loves to point at Balloons at the store when we go the floral dept!)
  28. Mo! (For her elMO toy)
  29. Nummies for nursing/wanting to nurse or (i-wan-nummas...I swear it sounds like a complete sentence!)
  30. Nom-nom, num-num for food
Animal sounds:
  1. moo
  2. baa
  3. quack
  4. pants like a dog
  5. sniffs like bunny
  6. snorts like pig (more guttural)
  7. hoots like a monkey

We are working on other animal sounds. Like Clucking for chickens, but she keeps quacking...and fishy lips for fish, but she then wants to give us kisses! Other new things since her 1st bday:

She's had MnMs (I didn't give them to her. I was at Bible Study. She stood up in my lap, reached halfway across the table, and crammed one in her mouth faster than I'd realized what had happened! I was freaking out, waiting for her to choke, but then a little smile spread across her face as she discovered the joy that is chocolate. So then she proceeded to eat about a dozen of them, one at at time. She loved them, and it kept her silent!)

She can push her stroller, highchair, and little car (that used to be her walker, but we converted) around the house. Sometimes she'll put her bear or doll in them when she pushes them. It's so cute! And I didn't even show her that! She came up with that on her own!

She can give Eskimo kisses (rub noses). Josh came up with this, and she caught on immediately. Now if she could just learn to pick up toys that fast...

She can run! She can crawl up our stairs really fast and step out the front door without crawling down the step (it's really shallow).

She can follow directions really well like if I tell her to go get a toy or book, follow me, go to the changing table, follow me to the mailbox, get on the bed, go to her highchair, etc! Of course she can be a stinker sometimes and thinks it's hilarious to run the opposite way...

She can also get on and off of her little chairs that go to her little tables!

Ok...that's all I can think of for now...I'm sure there's more!

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Joshua Starr said...

She is making all kinds of progress. She can also point out her eyes, ears, mouth, and nose. She really likes to try to put on socks on her feet and headbands/hats on her head. In fact, she has been known to try to wear clothes as a hat, it's hilarious!