Wednesday, October 29, 2008

James and Deanna's Wedding

Claire absolutely loved the pasta they had at the wedding. The food was awesome because it was in an awesome restaurant!

My cousin Mark, my Uncle Victor, and my Aunt Lynn. We all sat at the same table together.

Claire is trying to give her cousin Abby her spoon. Yay for sharing! :)

My mom, Arlene, and my dad, Will at the wedding.

I think they were trying to give each other a kiss here. Or just smell each other?

My cousin Sharon, her husband Bob, and their daughter, Abby who is 20 months.

Deanna and James Hawlish getting their yummy food.

Cousins Abby and Colin (2 1/2) give each other a hug while Claire looks on.

My other favorite baby carrier: The OVER THE SHOULDER BABY HOLDER. I like this one as it's a portable hammock and she can nurse and sleep in this one.

Sharon, Abby, and one of James's brothers. They wore top hats and had canes. FUN!

Sharon and Abby! Abby's dress was so pretty! She was the flower girl!

James, Deanna, and their son, Colin, getting ready to come in.

The wedding cake was also very yummy! It looked like lace layered over green icing. Make it full size by clicking on it to see the cake topper. It's funny! :)

This is the 5th wedding Claire has been to since she's been born! WOOT!

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