Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Six Flags Great America Theme Park

Saturday morning we decided to head out early and stop in at Six Flags Great America on the other side of Chicago. It was totally on the way, but we totally froze our butts off. Here's the park website: http://www.sixflags.com/greatAmerica/index.aspx It says Chicago, but as you know Chicago kind of spills out into parts of NW Indiana and a little corner of Wisconsin.

Here are my cousins Erich (sunglasses) and Evan getting ready to go on the big drop ride. WHEE!

Here is my brother David dressed for the weather. During the winter I wish I could grow facial hair to keep my face warmer. Now wouldn't that be something. :)

My cousin Krissy holding Claire while waiting for others.

So my dad and I went on the Raging Bull together. We waited nearly 2 hours. It was so not worth it. I WILL NEVER again go to a theme park on a Saturday. Even if it is only 50 degrees out, other people will be there.

Here is my mom walking with Claire. I found an awesome monkey leash at Target. She has a monkey on her back! Who-who-who! She loves her monkey!

My mom and Claire. Claire wasn't too sure of the horse. We actually ended up sitting on the wooden benches for the ride. The horses were ice cold. I dressed Claire really warmly, of course! She had on thick tights, a warm onesie, a one-piece thicker outfit so her tummy wouldn't be exposed, then warm tennis shoes, a hat, mittens, and a thick coat. I wish I would've worn tights! I froze. She always felt toasty, though!

My dad posing with Claire on the carousel that played horrible rap music.

Josh and I. D'oh. My eyes are shut. Oh well. Can't always get a good shot of everyone.

Ok, so here I messed up this picture, too. Bad, MARIA! BAD! I was actually on the phone with my brother David as we were trying to meet up. Going to a theme park with that many people was confusing! My mom asked a cotton candy boy to take our picture. So there he was juggling the cotton candy on one arm and a camera in the other. Then my mom decided to buy one. But then we had forgotten we had paid for one since nobody really wanted it anyway. So then he kept saying pink or blue for like 10 minutes. Ok, maybe not 10 minutes, but several times. I'm surprised he just didn't leave. Nobody probably would've noticed!

So that was our adventure-filled day to the Fright Fest! BOO!

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