Saturday, November 1, 2008

Sweet Dreams to My Sweet Baby Girl

I love pictures of sleeping babies--especially when that baby is mine! She sleeps with her bear.
I actually started encouraging her using it as a lovey as recommended in the No Cry Sleep Solution by Elizabeth Pantley. It's overall a decent book.
WOW! She has a website: The girl on the website is holding the same pink Cheerbear as Claire. That's ironic! I used some of the tips in the NCSS. However, I found that I was already doing A LOT of them. One of her tips was that if the baby wakes up after only 30-45 minutes of sleeping, that it was just between sleep cycles and not ready to wake up yet, or something to that effect. Well duh. So it was also an explanation of how infants sleep and WHY they need to wake up and and and...blah blah the book yourself if you want to know more. That's all you get for today. I feel like going to watch a show now, so bye ;)

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Baby Donaghy said...

Aw, Claire is such a cutie pie. Don't we all just LOVE sleeping babies! I second that! Wish mine would sleep more often. :)