Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My Night Off

So we went to WI for a wedding this past LONG weekend. More on that later! Last night, not too long after getting back and quickly running Claire to get her flu shot...I went to a "Moms Night Out!" So thereby, I got a night off! YAY!

Josh made some videos to prove his aweseome-ness in being in charge! He even got Claire to eat 1/2 container of food and some pizza! WOW:

He even took a video of her playing in the bath, which I decided not to post for modesty reasons. And here she is all dressed in her jammies, complete with onesie! GO DADDY! She loves to brush her teeth:

The last video I had of her brushing was a white toothbrush with a chunky handle. I got this Snoopy one and find it's much easier to use! I also got some Flossers for kids. It says on the package you should floss your kids teeth until they are 10 before they can do a good job of it. Yikes. Well I guess it's a small price to pay for never having cavities. Oh, and tonight I discovered her 4th molar is coming in. SO that makes for 6 teeth coming in and 4 totally in. THAT IS 10 TEETH! We are half-way to having all our baby teeth!

Josh did a great job. I was very impressed she was not only bathed, but in her jammies, and teeth brushed when I got home! Thank you, Josh! :) Sorry I doubted you ;)

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