Thursday, October 23, 2008

Making More Milk

So at the conference I found this cool book flyer for a book that's coming out. The book is coming out on Dec. 8 about MAKING MORE MILK. It's by Diana West and Lisa Marasco. It will talk about
-how milk is made
-what's normal/what's not-supplementing w/o decreasing production
-maximizing the milk production in the first month (it takes 6 weeks to build a milk supply)
-causes of low milk production: management (pacifier use), infant, anatomical, hormonal, emotional
-how to make more milk: increasing milk removal, galactogogues which are herbs or foods to increase milk production (more than just fenugreek and oatmeal!)
-making more milk in special situations: working, exclusively pumping, premies, multiples, induced lactation-processing the emotional journey
-thinking about next time
OH...and it's by 2 lactation consultants and endorsed by LLL

In the US it seems like there's a huge group of people that "didn't make enough milk." So this book sounds really good!

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