Thursday, October 23, 2008

That Fun Place

My big brother David was watching our cousins Davis and Evan and brought the boys to Greenfield. We went to THAT FUN PLACE. Here is David riding the bumper cars. Davis looks on. He wasn't tall enough to ride :( Maybe next time!

Here is Evan posing in his bumper car! He's gonna run you over! Watch out! VROOM!

Here is a shot of Evan actually driving around the course. VROOM!

David had the most fun of all the kiddos out there, I'm sure! Here is a crash picture:

Here are Evan and Davis by the tiger on the blacklight mini-golf course.

Here is David being eating by a body-less shark randomly hanging out of the wall. CHOMP!

No more's GOLF-CLUB HERE! Davis is putting on the course.

Here is a shot of me with Claire in the stroller. Davis and Evan wanted a shot in the big shark jaws! CHOMP!

Here they are looking scared! WATCH OUT! THERE'S A SHARK! Claire is just looking around, trying to figure out what's going on!

Here is Claire enjoying some pizza. It's perfect for chewing and teething on! YUMMERS!

Evan, David, and Davis getting ready for some yummy pizza. They hand-toss their own pizzas here. It makes it worth going for lunch two days in a row.

They also have a huge indoor play place. Here is Davis in one of the tunnel windows.

Here is Evan behind the netting. David even crawled up in there! Claire was too scared to go!

She did walk around the toddler area a little bit, but preferred hanging out by Mommy, as usual.

Here is Davis coming out of the black slide. They had several enclosed slides. Whee!

Davis peers out of one of the tunnel windows. It's pretty high up there!

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