Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Outings with Oma!

My mom came down this past weekend on Friday! Yay! We had fun! Claire loves paper. For the most part, she has stopped gnawing on books. I think that's because I discovered her THIRD one year old molar coming in on the top!!! So she's going to have a mouth full of teeth before we know it. She loves paper! She loves to just sit and turn and flip through pages. I actually can't remember the last time she ripped any pages so hopefully we are done with that stage in baby-life!

We went to Riley Park with my mom here in Greenfield. The weather couldn't have been
better! It was a perfect fall day. Claire has had issues with the swings in the past, but she did really good today! No crying!

Claire loved the slides! She must have gone about 50 times. Mommy and Oma both helped her go several times! She also had fun climbing up onto the equipment, but I went with her as she has no sense of danger of falling, yet...I read someplace that kids do not fully develop depth-perception until about 8, which is why kids fall all the time!

On Friday, we also went to the library to show Oma the fishies and the huge play area they have. Claire enjoyed showing Oma how much she loves the puzzles. Lately there have been a lot of big kids hogging the puzzle areas, but there were only 2 other kids there when we went Friday afternoon!

We also went to Marsh to get a few groceries, and Claire was able to ride in one of the "CAR" grocery carts. It's basically a cart with a car attached to the front, with 2 little seatbelts and 2 steering wheels. They are usually always taken when I go shopping in the mornings. I guess if you have more than 1 kid, it's really the best way to keep slightly older kids contained. And they only have 2 of them! Anyways, she had a ball. She enjoyed grabbing some stuff off the lower shelves and swiped a card in the card aisle. She loves cards because they are paper!

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