Monday, May 18, 2009

Jeff and Jessie's Wedding

Our neighbors across the street were married this past Saturday. Here is Jessie walking in with her dad:

Josh was a groomsman. He is the one on the far right:

Here is Amelia walking cute! It reminded me of Claire at Holly's wedding!

I loved the flower girl dresses! What's not to love!

So here we are at the reception. There were fish on the tables! We brought 2 home. I asked Claire what she wanted to name them. She said "Cracker!" I think that is a hilarious name. So our tiny one is Cracker, which is funny because he is tiny enough to be a goldfish cracker. I asked Claire what she wanted to name the big one. She said "Holla" which is what she says for Holly, my sister. So that is how we named our fish! :)

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