Saturday, May 23, 2009

Pretty Pigtail

Claire doesn't like me to put bibs on her very often...once in awhile she won't notice that I put one on her, but she can rip them off now pretty easily since they just Velcro.
Yay! She has enough hair for a little rubber band!

I love this little grin. It says "I'm up to something!"

She has taken to carrying her stroller around. She also likes to sit in in it. This was a mistake to let her, as it ripped off the frame...

But I managed to sew it back together in about 10 minutes. I am proud of myself! :) Haha...most of my sewing consists of mending...which isn't very fun AT ALL! Claire also loves to play with the buckle. She can shut it, but not open it as it requires a pretty hard squeeze. She will say "Mommy help op(en) buck(le)!" She is quickly getting more and more complicated and longer words in her vocab that she simplifies so that only I or someone around her a lot can recognize. It's funny when she correctly repeats something that I wouldn't expect her to say, recently she started saying "Normal" and "annoy"... it's very cute!
She is now 22 months old! We have had a very busy week with my friend Anja (pronounce it with a soft "J" so you would say it Anya). Monday we went up to the Fashion Mall and had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. I also picked up a couple cute new nursing bras at Mimi Maternity. I was asked if I wanted to sign up for their mailing list. I was like, sure...but guess's going to mostly freebies and coupons from a major formula and disposable diaper company. I don't understand this. They are sabotaging their own business as they sell tons of cute nursing tops and ALL of the bras sold in most maternity stores like this one are always ALL nursing ones. And they also sell the pads and creams that go along with why would they want to take a little kick back from a formula company and lose out on potential business! CRAZY! Or are the formula kick backs really that wonder the stuff is so's all the free stuff they give away...I don't have a problem with the formula itself if it is truly problem is with the heavy and aggressive marketing ... and to a maternity clothing truly truly sad. :(
Then Monday evening, Anja and I headed to the Castleton LLL meeting. Anja enjoyed it too as there was some discussion of premature infants, which she was. I wish I had time to write a full summary of every meeting as there is always a lot of good advice shared. Every meeting is so different and I always learn new things. For example, I learned that infants don't usually develop a sucking reflex until 36 weeks. A full-term pregnancy is 40 weeks. So if a baby is born premature, nursing will be more of a challenge for a variety of reasons, including the sucking reflex not being fully developed. The topic was also advantages to breastfeeding. We were asked to share something that was advantageous to us personally. I always enjoy what other mothers have to say. It wasn't at this meeting, but at another one, I will always remember the comment someone (I don't remember exactly when...they blend together...) but sometimes a comment sticks out sooo much in your mind you keep hearing it again and again. The comment was "I hated nursing a newborn, but I love nursing a toddler." I would have to agree. I remember the first time Claire asked for "nummies" by using the was sooo awesome and full-filling.
Anyway...Tuesday we did some local shopping at 2 of our consignment stores...trying to help Anja find a formal gown for a fall wedding. No luck yet! Then we also took a walk around the neighborhood and then played with chalk and bubbles in the driveway. Then we decided to take a bike ride to make sure the bikes were good to go.
Wednesday we rode to Riley Park and had picnic there with some other Moms Clubs gals. It was fun, but too hot, even in the shade. So we left early. I was happy to get moving on the bike and feel the cool wind. We even scored a big dollhouse for Claire at a garage sale for only 5 think it's a Little People one. Claire loved seeing all the ducks and geese and there was a baby family with 12 little babies! Wow...imagine trying to keep track of that many at once! Luckily Anja is talented and was able to carry the dollhouse back on the bike...Germans are used to this kind of thing! We also went to the dollar store. Only Americans would think it's a good idea to import cheap crappy things. They do not have dollar stores in Germany.
Thursday I paid 25 bucks for the copay to find out Claire had a callous on her toe. Ha. I was thinking she had a fungus or something. Well...we went to Payless...she measure her a 7. SO I bought her a 7.5 pair of tennis shoes. Then we went to the park near our house again on bikes after a nice lunch with one of my LLL buddies Ally who was in the area. Anja makes kick-butt salads and dressings. Claire loves the slide at the park and can climb up the ladder alone!
Friday, we headed to the Castleton early...10 am and ended up staying all day...I found Claire some sunglasses at the Disney store on sale for only 2.99. I also had her feet measured at Stride Rite...she was an 8....wait...yeah...Payless and you get less. Ugh. So I found her a cute pair of shoes at Stride Rite ON SALE. ( I NEVER pay full price for anything except food...) They have a great play area at the Castleton Mall. Claire had a ball, but has some issues with sharing. She wanted the slide to we also spent some time letting her play in the stroller cars. They are 5 bucks to rent, but you only get ONE buck back when you return it. Ugh. I also got some awesome organic tea from Aveda. Anja had been looking for a formal while I had been letting Claire have fun pushing her stroller around the big hallways and run around. I also popped into a picture store recommended by my friend Christy and had a free sitting done. I even got a free 10 by 13. I didn't buy anything, but it was awesome! We finally headed to Trader Joes because we were looking for Rocket Salad or Argula which is SORT of like Basil for a recipe Anja wants to make. Did you know that Trader Joes and Aldi are German companies...well they are...and that's why they rock...the only reason, I'm sure ;)
Today we got up early and exchanged some lightly worn shoes at Payless to the correct size. Man. She measured a 6 in Jan for getting fitted for Holly's wedding shoes. UGH. And then hit up the rummage sale at our church. It was fun to look, but I didn't find anything. Sometimes, one person's trash is another person's treasure, but sometimes, it's still trash...and it makes people wonder why you think you could get money for selling it...but anyways...then we went to Wal-Mark so Anja could buy an Ipod here, as they are cheaper here. She also got some peanut butter as this is truly an American thing and some deodorant which they make stronger here...I'm sure it's also more toxic. I use Mitchum clear gel...what do you use?
We were invited to three BBQs this weekend...and took the easy way out by not going to any. Sorry guys :( I'm beat...we're probably going to watch a movie now...yay for A/C and technology. :)

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