Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Strawberry Sweet for my Sweetie

Never ever plant mint near a door...observe below. I have already ripped it up twice this year. Ha...we'll show that mint who is boss. We are going to take a Bobcat to this area and put in a nice patio soon. Claire found the perfect seat that is just her size:
It looks like she is scolding someone with this pointing like that:

I love this dress! Awesome! I love the layered look...so many great looks in one!

She likes hats...especially this Barbie one, but it doesn't cover her ears...

1 comment:

Amy said...

That second one's caption should be:

"Let them eat Popsicles!"

Banana Boat makes a tear-free SPF 50 sunscreen. With her fair complexion and lack of hair, you ought to probably slather her with it all over, including in her hair, at least for now. Hopefully she'll have longer hair next summer. Use a lot. She should have a whitish sheen when you're done - it'll all soak in after a couple minutes.

Sunburns are no fun. :(