Monday, November 17, 2008


I love my slings. And they don't hurt my back. Here is one from this past Saturday that I took myself as Claire napped in her hammock after nursing: aka..the Over the Shoulder Baby Holder!!! It's great for on the go when she doesn't have her bed. Notice the yellow sweater that I wore at the funeral:
Also from this past Saturday... We are by my Great-Grandma Adeline and Great-Grandpa Oscar's headstone in Mt. Horeb, WI, cemetery. Notice...Claire has her coat on in in the Baby Bjorn under the blanket. I can wear the Bjorn over or under my coat. I LOVE IT! I've said that many times before! I know it's morbid to take pictures in cemeteries, but whatever...
Here we are a week ago Sunday, heading off to Amanda's Colts-themed shower! Claire has her BPA-free NUBY sippy cup that I got for free at the LLL conference. I liked the carrier before she could walk, but let's face it...they still can't walk alone outside or for very far!!! I don't know how people NOT wear their kids. Clearly the ad was made and marketed by a bunch of SWFs who have no actual knowledge of what motherhood is like. I HATE parenting comments from non-parents. Sort of like comments about anything from people with no actual experience on the topic at hand.
Why all the baby sling/carrier's why:

There was recently an ad for Motrin that discourages baby wearing. I hate this ad for Motrin. If you've followed the news on it, it's been pulled for offending moms. Last week was International Baby Wearing Week. How IRONIC! Watch the whole thing:

I also don't like how it mentions moms crying and being crazy. I think that offends anyone who has cried as a new mom for PPD or whatever reason. I think most hubbies would be offended, too. Mine was when he saw that crazy face at the end.
I don't like anything about it. Obviously everyone involved in the ad knows NOTHING about wearing a baby. It should cause less pain, not more. The sling, wrap, carrier, or whatever you call it needs to fit right, like a pair of shoes need to fit right. ALSO like those new shoes, they take some getting used to before being comfortable for all day wear and quick and easy to put on. Remember learning how to tie your shoes? That's like how wearing a new carrier is. AWKWARD to put on and wear, but you have to give it a chance for you to get used to it...and your baby! Think of Birkenstock sandals...really expensive and well-made, but they hurt like heck if you wear them more then 10 minutes the first time you wear them. I know. I have had several pairs and currently have several pairs.
I'm glad to see MOTRIN apologized on their website, but they've lost me as a customer!!! I know they know that they suck, but let's let them know a lot more by sending them some good comments
Watch this one as well. There are some very good comments throughout the video!!!

Also, one person commented something about "what...I'm not a real mom for not baby-wearing!?!"

Argh. Just got home after a LONG weekend that was more than a little sad. End of beotchy rant.

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