Saturday, November 22, 2008

Risky Strollers?

Here is an interesting post about strollers: I was still walking with her facing me in the "pumpkin seat" all fall..or about 90% of the time. I haven't walked in awhile outside as it's been too cold :( Boo. I seem to remember last fall was much milder. We went from sandals on Halloween to winter coats...what about something in between, Mother Nature? I think that stroller post was interesting and had never given it that much thought. I just know that I like seeing her face vs. the back of her head!

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aribaby said...

I don't buy it. How long are these kids spending in their strollers that their language skills are stunted?! I mean, seriously, I don't see how a couple hours a week, IF that, would stunt any sort of development. There's other stimulation in facing forward. I want to know what other variables were in this experiment or how they could come to conclusive results. Seems like crap to me! (no offense)

Ari faces forward and has been since we switched carseats. I liked when she faced me, but it's just too much to have to drag along with us! She seems to love watching everything in front of us and waving and smiling at everyone she sees.

In short, here is another study I will be ignoring.