Friday, November 21, 2008

Our Awesome Hotel

We stayed at a great family-friendly hotel called Mt. Olympus. There was a lot to do. They had an indoor water and indoor theme park. Here is our room. Notice the babyproofing by putting the trash up on the sink and having to take out the Kleenex box that is just the perfect level for her to pull out all the tissues and play with!

These pictures were actually from the morning we were leaving. She slept in that crib all of 2 hours the first night, but it was useful while baby-proofing the room etc. as a playpen, and it was free so why not take it!

There were also a set of sweet bunkbeds in the room. Claire had fun climbing on the bottom bunk and back down. It was very low to the ground so it was perfect.

I think this is the first time she ever sat for 2 seconds to "watch" TV, not that I want to encourage that or anything. I did bring some toys in the room, but it was really not needed. There are lots of great toys already in hotel rooms, like all the plastic cups, ice buckets, crinkly bags of coffee...

Beds to climb up and down on 50,000 times or more. She couldn't get to the top one yet so that was good!

Alarm clocks make great toys too! Especially when they have clock radios you can mess with!

Drawers are also fun to open and shut 50,000 times!!! YAY!

Just unplug that phone and TA-DA! INSTANT TOY! :)

Claire has a monkey on her back! It is a child-leash, and I think it's great! It keeps her from running away!

She kept wanting to run up and down the nice long hallways and would bang on the door.

I was able to push the bed up against the wall so she could sleep next to me! I was glad the big wooden beds weren't bolted to the floor or something.

Playing with Daddy!

Playing with the phone some more. I think this was her favorite thing to do all weekend!

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Baby Donaghy said...

Wow, this hotel looks SWEET! I think I'd like to go there. Claire looks so cute in the picture with the phone! She has such pretty blue eyes.