Thursday, November 20, 2008

Family Pictures

Claire with her cousin Mark (12 years old), Daddy, and Uncle Richie. Oh, and that must be Oma on the left with her flip cam!
Glama Lynn and Grandpa Jason sent this dress for last Easter along with the shrug. She wore it for her 1st birthday pictures that I sent out on the invites and it still fits! So it was perfect since it's yellow! She even wore the yellow shoes from the Lees! She was wearing the super thick tights and a warm onesie, so she was plenty warm, no worries!

Mark had a good time playing with Claire during the visitation hours. Claire did great all day! Well except at supper after it all...then she got a 2nd wind and was alright!

Claire loves this little baby doll. She drags it around now in public instead of the CareBear. She still loves the Bear too, I just don't like washing it. The doll seems to be easier to spot wash.

Here is a picture of people taking pictures of the people below (Pictures of picture taking?...I thought it was a funny idea.)

My Great-Aunt Gladys's kids: Lonnie, Vern, Beth, and with their Uncle Vernon.

My mom with her older brother Victor (L) and younger brother John (R) and their dad.

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