Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It's a sign...

I know I need to stop trying to fit in so many activities and doing so much stuff once in awhile. Today I was writing a few "to-do" lists of stuff that needs to be done/purchased/etc. today, before Thanksgiving, and before Christmas. On today's list I found myself writing down "take a shower." I think it's a sign I need to spend more time on myself when a daily hygiene habit gets written down on a list of chores. I'm too busy cleaning up Claire 3 times a day. At lunch she decided to shampoo her hair with food so she needed to get her hair shampooed. Argh. Last night we went to a Pacers Basketball game with Claire. Which of course was fun, but kept her way up past her bedtime, and she's still behind on her sleep from being gone for 4 days.

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