Thursday, November 20, 2008

Lake Delton--or what was

As you probably heard, this summer Lake Delton had a few issues this summer. On Sunday morning we took a little outing to see what the lake or "non" lake looked like. If you've never heard of Wisconsin Dells, you must be from the Indy area and not the Chicago land area. WI Dells or THE DELLS is a huge summer get-away and the Water Park Capital of the US.
David and Erich were much braver than me. I didn't even go on the lake bed at all!

This is why: SINKHOLES! Plus I had Claire in the Bjorn and was wearing clogs. I did not want to get sandy socks. I also did not want to get stuck like Richard did this past summer! Smart guy also stayed on the beach!

You can see me standing up on the shore. I'm the one with the baby! Here is Holly walking back. Aren't her hat/scarf/mittens gorgeous!!! She made them!

Ah, yes, Holly with a camera in hand. And she also made Mark's hat and scarf here. It's a very nice green and gray.

Holly, it looks like you should make Erich and David some hats as they aren't wearing any!

Richard said this past summer it was just a mud hole, and now the vegetation is growing in the lake bed. It's amazing how it will do that!

Yes, it looked very different than the past several times I've seen it or taken Duck Rides on it. That's right. You can ride on Ducks. If you never have ridden a Duck, you really must do this before you die!

We stayed 2 nights in the Dells since it wasn't too far from Mt. Horeb where the funeral was. I'll post pictures soon of the hotel stay, etc. Oh yeah, it had an indoor water park. :) Apparently David who booked all the rooms wanted to put the FUN in FUNeral. Our family is something else...

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aribaby said...

I haven't seen any of the "after" pictures yet. How depressing! :(