Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Completely random things Claire has said lately!

So, Claire has been saying more incredibly cute stuff, as usual! I had someone ask how old she was at the Bellies and Babies Expo. She goes, "I TWO!" They thought she was 16 months. Seriously???...she would be the tallest 16 month old ever, because she already is like the tallest 27 month old.

So Josh showed her some of the Transformers movie. That's totally the kind of movie she needs to be seeing. Of course, when I was like 9 months pregnant...and I do mean a full 40 weeks, we decided to fit one last movie in...and it was TRANSFORMERS! But anyways.. She keeps saying "I like good robotses! I like Opimus Prime! He good! I no like bad robotses!" I swear, she sounds just like a little Gollum with that fun-plural form!

Then yesterday, when we were eating dinner, she wanted to announce she was finished with eating. She'll usually say something like "I full! I all done! I want down! Wash my hands!" Nope...yesterday she looks at Josh and says, "Daddy, you wanna eat my crumbs!?!?!?!" Yum...just what he wanted. Cold, already been chewed Claire crumbs!

Oh...and have I mentioned I have bronchitis...yup...great, huh? So Josh got it first and gave it to me...and I took Claire to the doctor too, but she was "fine" even though she was coughing, it's just a cough. Her lungs sound great, etc. That's seriously like the third time I've taken her to the doctor for a cough and she's been fine. Argh. Buy-buy copay!!! Oh, also...did I tell you I took her to the doctor in May for "wart" on her foot...yeah turns out she was in a size 5 shoe...and was supposed to be an 8. It was a callous. And my, those 5s were getting very hard to put on! It's October and she's already in a 9. This girl needs to slow down!!! I don't think I posted about that at the time because I was mortified and embarrassed, but now ... like anything else... over time... it just becomes hilarious. So anyways, the story about coughing, is Josh and I joke to each other to STOP COUGHING. Well now Claire is saying it to us. "DADDY STOP COUGHING."

One last story...the other thing we joke about is it always being the other person's fault about...whatever. So now Claire will say "It's your fault! It's always all your fault!" That's actually the first thing she said to me this morning, and then starting laughing hysterically. She knows how to make me smile!

And today at Gymboree, she learned the words "parachute, pizza cutter, and GYMBO the clown!"

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