Sunday, October 4, 2009

Tea Parties and Play food

Claire got a tea set for her birthday, which she is madly in love with. She enjoys pouring tea for anyone who will pretend to drink it. She likes to put food in her play microwave that is part of her kitchen and heat up food for us. :) Yay for leftover play food! Ha! I asked her if I could have more tea today, and she said "Of course, Mommy!" I started cracking up.

She likes to plate play food and then serve it to me. I have to wait for the ok though. I started to "eat" something too soon, and she screamed, "NO! It not hot Mommy! I heat it up! It take 3 minute!" She held up three fingers as she put it in the play microwave and pressed the play buttons.

She also likes to sit her baby in the highchair and give it food to eat. She crams the food in their mouth telling it to "EAT BABY!"

She also says "Go ahead" to me sometimes on the stairs when she doesn't want me to hold her hand.

Another fluke...I think she may be starting to "read." We have a plain green bib that says "POOH" on it. I haven't put it on her for months and don't ever remember telling her that it says Pooh. There are no Pooh pictures or other characters. It just says Pooh. Well, I put it on her for breakfast since we were at the bottom of the bib pile(...I need to do laundry!) She looks down, points at the letters, and says "POOH!" It sort of creeped me out. But we have several Pooh books...but I think she actually recognized the word from her Potty seat, which says "POOH," and I do remember pointing out the letters to her and saying Pooh. So is that reading or just matching a word? (Or is that all reading is?) I also have her pick out her name tag at the library when we go for story time.

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