Monday, October 5, 2009

Tinkerbell Baby!

For Halloween, Claire will be Tinkerbell! We have this awesome skirt my friend Ally made for her birthday that will be part of the costume. I found the rest of the costume for super-cheap in the clearance shelves at Wal-Mart at the end of August. It was a Tinkerbell chest that came with 2 Tinkerbell dress-up dresses, 2 bracelets, clip-on earrings, WINGS of course, and shoes with a soft bottom for inside only. So this skirt goes perfectly and puffs up the skirt. I know, Tinkerbell does not have a puffy skirt, but Claire and I do not care. :) It looks super-cute, is all the right colors, and looks a little bit like a ballerina!
I will save the rest of the outfit for a future post!

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