Friday, October 9, 2009

Duggars are Grandparents!

The Duggars are now Grandparents! Ok...and having that many kids is NOT normal. Back in the days when families had 12-20 kids, lots of them died or a least a few of them died! AND...they breastfed the kids on the farms for 2-4 years. She's having these kids 15 months apart...that is insane! She had a baby at the same time Claire was born, and is due about a month before I am due again, but has another girl in between there...boom, boom, boom! They must do it every night! I don't mean to sound too judgemental, because if a family is going to have that many kids, they are definitely in a financial spot to do it! Plus, their kids are all so polite and well-behaved. Seriously, though, she needs to chart her fertility, and they need to avoid having "relations" when she's fertile. It's almost as though they are trying to have so many kids! Here's a book she needs to read called Your Fertility Signals: Using Them to Achieve or Avoid Pregnancy Naturally They don't have to use birth control...just a little abstaining a few days a month or her uterus is seriously going to fall out. She is over 40...that is just not healthy for any body to be constantly pregnant like that! I read you were supposed to wait a year after having a baby before having another one to let the body heal...or was that something for VBACs? Anyways...good for them...they figured out a way to make money having lots of kids but not being on welfare! Just get your own TLC show!

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