Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Typical Busy Day!

Today Claire and I started out by going to a free class at GYMBOREE! It was a lot of fun, but the classes are pretty pricey...I think! It's a very nice play area with slides and all sorts of fun stuff that is age appropriate. I've always wanted to attend a Gymboree class since I saw the Jon and Kate episode where their kids did a class. We signed up for the free class at the Bellies and Babies Expo. Anyways, they have classes for playing, music, and art. The one we did was a playing class, but it also included some signing. They started with a welcome song and introducing a theme, which was making a pizza. So all the activities the kids did were for "making a pretend pizza." They got to put bean bags in a wooden plank thing, push the balls or "tomatoes" down a slide, throw the "tomatoes" in a big barrel which was supposed to be a pot. Claire was all over the place for the first 10 minutes, because the whole play area was new to her, but after awhile, she understood KIND OF that you were to follow along. She enjoyed rocking on the wooden boat and horse they had. They got to jump off a little ledge into "pizza dough" which was play scarves to "mix" the dough. Then they got to roll "pepperoni" rings, which were like little hula hoops. Anyways, it was pretty fun for me too! Her favorite part was the bubbles! I haven't blown bubbles in awhile because we've had such a rainy fall! She was trying to pop the bubbles like crazy, including poking at the ones that landed in another kids' hair! MY favorite part was the parachute, although Claire liked this as well. We got to shake it and make waves. We got to pull it up and down...but my ultimate favorite part including from when I was growing up was the part where you pull it up really high, then go under and sit on the edge like it's giant mushroom tent. I was looking at the front of the store when we left and they sell the parachutes for only $44. I so want to get one.
Then we went to Josh's work and met him for lunch. Claire took a nap on the way home. I love this time of year because I can pull into the garage, roll down the car windows and then do something in the kitchen until she wakes up without her being too hot or cold. I shut the garage door and leave the door to the kitchen open.
Then we had a diaper incident. Some days she stays dry all day and I keep putting the same diaper back on. Some days, she refuses to sit on the potty at all. Some days, we are gone all day and she uses her diaper vs. me dealing with sitting her on icky public toilets. Well, I forgot to change her all morning. Normally by 2 pm, I would have changed her 2 or 3 times. Well it made for a very heavy diaper and wet pants, a wet shirt (it was a long one), and a very unhappy little girl. Ugh. Totally my fault. Bad mommy award for that. That is my confession for the day. But if you would like to come potty train her, feel free. I think she could do it, I am just too lazy and don't like to deal with extra laundry. If I potty train her, then I have to wash panties. Trashing diapers seem like such a good deal. I actually am so lazy, that I will trash some cheapo garage sale clothes/bibs if they get nasty and I don't feel like scrubbing them. That is my other confession. :)
So then I had to go to Wal-Mart and get an oil change. This is always a bad idea. Walking around Wal-Mart will result in a MINIMUM, and do mean absolute MINIMUM of $100. I did find some awesome storage tubs for her too-small clothes. I don't want to get too organized with the other completely unorganized clothes that are stuffed in her closet...I will find out in about 8 weeks or less what sex this baby is. Then I can pull gender neutral stuff if it's a boy and repack all the girl stuff and label the sizes on the boxes. Right's totally unorganized. It's random shoved in paper grocery bag and random odd sized boxes in a closet that is also filled with about 6 boxes of teaching stuff of mine, which I should probably move to a different closet. I should actually throw it all away...seriously...If I need a worksheet or paper on something, I am so just going to Google a new one versus sifting through boxes of file folders. I was pleased with the storage tubs I got...they are clear ones with lids that fold in half, so they don't get separated! I like clear tubs so I can see what's in them of course! Of course, I'll still need to label sizes, but I think I'll just stick a big piece of paper with marker with the size on it, and probably GIRL in case I start storing boy clothes.
Some days, I want 4 kids. Some days I wonder about what I already have. Hehe. I always wanted 4 growing up, 2 girls/2 boys since that was nice and even. Also, I liked the saying every brother needs a brother, and every sister needs a sister, and every brother needs a sister, and every sister needs a brother. The easiest and most number-efficient way to do that, is exactly that! Although, I did always want an older sister, as that's the only thing I didn't get to have! Ha! After Claire was born, I didn't want another kid for 6-12 months. As in for about a year, I said I was never having another one. I'm sure after this one comes I'll be saying NEVER AGAIN for about a year as well! But we'll see...maybe 3...4 is a lot!
So back to Wal-Mart...Claire does really good at shopping with me know and likes to help me find things. I tell her "Look for the bananas and tell me when you see them!" Then she'll be all excited when she spots the item we are looking for. I also give her stuff to turn around and put into the cart. I saw another mom doing this, and this of course is super fun for her! Of course, she wants to help with super big items, which isn't always so good. I'm addicted to Gatorade ... and Claire is too :) But hey! ELECTROLYTES! GOOD FOR YOU! So she picked up this big bottle of it when I wasn't looking and threw it to the back of the cart. Nice. Way to squish the grapes.
Well then we got home brought all the stuff in which is mostly still sitting on the counter right now. Haha...stupid putting away stuff!
I didn't do the dishes because I decided the weather was perfect for bulb planted. See, last week I got $25 worth of bulbs that were on 50% off. That's really 50 bucks worth! Since they had been taking up room on my counter for almost a week, I decided I better plant them before it rains again! Well, buying 10 bags of bulbs seemed like a good idea at the time. PLANTING THEM ALL. ARGH. What was I thinking! I had to plant so many freaking bulbs! BUT I got it all done before it got dark tonight! It will look so freaking awesome in the spring!!!
I pray that the spring is cool and the blooms last a long time! I planted pink, white, yellow, and orange tulips. I planted purple and pink hyacinths, as well as purple and pink crocuses. I planted a mix of Irises...or is it Irii...I think that's it but the Iris and Crocus bulbs had like 50 in each bag, so I was sticking probably way too many in each hole. I was getting lazy. Claire was having fun helping too. She liked throwing the bulbs in the holes. She kept trying to eat them and called the "COOKIES." Seriously...the look like onions. When I have I ever fed her little round ball cookies? And she won't try half the food I give her, but I bet she ate at least a bulbs worth of plant skins tonight.
Claire also had a blast dragging out half her toys onto the patio since I left the back door open for her. Josh was working late, so it worked out well. She is really good and driving her car around fast. She looks like Fred Flintstone moving her little feet in that little car! She was also helping me rake the mulch...aka making a huge mess by getting it up on the patio, etc. But it kept her entertained so I so did not care.
We have a bulb digger and it sucks. Actually it's on loan from my parents. They can have it back. It's a great idea, but the dirt was way to wet from the rain and would stick in the bulb digger and not work. I opted to use a big shovel. Anyways, Claire had a big bowl of cereal for a bedtime snack and went to sleep practically instantly after playing outside so much...that and she ran around the patio table at least 50 times plus...I don't know why she thinks running in circles is so fun, but she can keep it up! Now my next project is to cut down all the dead stuff for the fall and then I am DONE outside for the year.
I really hope my bulbs bloom well...I'm thinking at the end of April, they'll be the perfect background for some pictures of Claire and baby-boo #2!!! I heard the heartbeat at my 12 week check earlier this week too! It was amazing, as always. I'm just as excited as I was with Claire! Well, I'm going to sign off for tonight!

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