Monday, November 30, 2009

Advent has begun!

Advent Season has already begun! It's hard to believe that there are only 3 more Sundays in Advent this year! We just had Thanksgiving! I'm so pleased that this size 24 month outfit still fits Claire. It's a little short on her limbs when sitting, but standing up, it looks ok! Last year, it was a little long! Good thing she has a thin build or it wouldn't fit!
Here she is playing with her wooden Nativity Scene. She got this wooden one from my parents this year to play with during Advent so she can learn all the people and the story.

I broke down and gave her 3 of her Princess Barbies early as an Advent gift, for the first Sunday in Advent. I probably should have only given her one. But I gave her 3. And does she love them. They play with her with whatever else she does. They sit on the table to watch her eat. They sit on the sink and watch her bathe. They sleep with her. They have been to several stores. Today they went to the post office as I mailed out my Christmas cards. (I'm not always this organized. I just have been bitten by that nesting bug with the urge to get stuff done. Now. ASAP. It's actually kind of an annoying feeling.)

Her bib says "MY LITTLE TURKEY!" I will have another little turkey to put this bib on next Thanksgiving...who will be about 7 months old! Notice her Barbies all on her tray. Yes, she loves them. I don't know where she got her fascination with them. She's never seen a Barbie cartoon or an animated movie about Princesses, although I should check some out at the library. I think she just likes that the are little dolls with faces and names that appear in several books I've picked up at garage sales and other items. She had some croc shoes last March that had their faces on them, and called them "Barbie Shoes." We do have a princess sing-a-long that I got at a yard sale for $1, but I bought it because she already liked them, not the other way around. Oh well, it's an easy obsession to feed. I always had tons of Barbie Dolls growing up, so I'm glad to continue the tradition.

Gobble Gobble!

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