Monday, November 30, 2009

Coloring Books

One of the things I try to have Claire do every day, or at least every other day if we are busy running around is getting the chance to color. This is her artwork from age 24 months. She filled up the pages randomly and really just put a lot of color on all the pages.
At some point, probably from having various adults coloring with her, she figured out to color the shapes. Her is progress from about a month later at 25 months.

Now, I'll admit, I threw some coloring books away already because 1.) they are cheap and 2.) there is no way I can ever store everything she makes...but jump now to this month and you see she is definitely coloring with more of a purpose. (2 years, 4 months)

Here she colored Happy, and even colored his name at the top of the page.

I just thought I'd share some pictures of her artwork with you guys! She is also starting to make "scribbles" on blank paper and then tell me what they are. I'll have to post some pictures of that sometime soon.

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