Monday, November 30, 2009

Feeding Mr. Bear

Man. If looks could kill. Click on this one to make it full size. I think she was mad about her chocolate milk being all gone. I do want to say that Claire loves her share of sweet junky and carby foods, too. One of her favorites is Spaghettios. Yes. She calls them Gobi-Os or Gobi Circles. She can't say spaghetti. If I have her repeat it, she will say spa-gobi.
This is what happens if I ask her to say "Cheese." She gets this huge goofy grin on her face and squints her eyes shut.

Notice what she is doing? She is feeding her bear bowl. The bowl is shaped like a bear, with the belly being the bowl part. I've since only been feeding her semi-solid food like her thicker oatmeal in this bowl, or it drips all over the table. She loves this bowl! Holly got it for her, and I do believe that Holly only paid about .75 cents for it!

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