Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Barbie has the Stickerpox

Life-size Barbie has got a bad case of the Stickerpox. I gave Claire a sheet of stickers and told her to share them with Barbie. It kept her busy for a good 20 minutes!!!
Notice how Elmo is leering at Barbie in the background. He's a creepy little red guy. Claire's hand is in the photo because she is trying to grab the camera. She demands "SHOW ME DA PICTURE!" after each picture I take. I should have never shown her the little screen on the back...

Yes, Barbie is a state of half-undress. Most Dolls or toys with clothing will probably spend the next year or so like this. Perhaps longer? When is it fun for kids to re-dress the dolls? Not just strip them? She likes to take off Barbie's clothes so she can be in her pink swim suit. Because we all need dolls wearing their swimming gear in December.
Ahh...what would I do without the cheap entertainment of stickers, playdough, and coloring books?

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