Monday, November 30, 2009

Craft time!

We go to story time at the library where the kids make a craft each week. This was the craft for the day before Thanksgiving. She has been having so much fun with it. She will put it in her toy microwave and heat up the food for her dolls. She also added stickers to it.

Stickers are great! Before she could really peel them off the sheets well, I would take off the "extra" sticker paper so she could take off easier. Now she can take them off just fine. If I need to buy myself some time without her underfoot, I just hand her a sheet of stickers and tell her to go share them with her big Barbie or a specific toy. She then sticks them all over.

She added these stickers to her Thanksgiving meal. I can't wait until she has a little brother to stick stickers on. We'll just have to teach her not to stick them on his little face! What fun that will be!

PS...the crafts they do at the library are always precut. They mostly consist of gluing with a glue stick and assembling, which of course I help her. She is getting really good at it though!

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