Thursday, December 10, 2009

Feeling Better...Not so pissed...

Well, I feel better now after ranting about my silly OB appt. today. And thank you, Amy, for pointing an obvious fact that I didn't seem to connect at the time. My boy is MEASURING 2 weeks EARLY, yet she is claiming that nursing while pregnant could some how cause the baby not to grow. CAN'T BE BOTH!!!

Hello, the milk supply would dry up first...and I am kind of waiting to see if this happens. But Claire always asks for milky nummies. I ask her if milk is coming out, and she always says YES. Once in awhile in the evening while nursing to sleep she will say it's "All gone." So I know she's drained things for a moment.

So this evening Claire and I hit up the Hancock Breastfeeding Group for their Christmas party. It was a complete blast and all the little kiddies and nurslings were dressed super-duper cute!!! And there was food...and it was super yummy!

I talked to the LC (lactation consultant) and told her Dr. N. had advised me not to nurse. And guess what? She said that I wasn't the first mom that had told her that. Seriously. I want to educate this silly OB. I'd like to find a really good, recent article that supports nursing during pregnancy to give her...but is there even a point?

She is an OB. I asked if she has kids. Nope. So obviously she's never nursed any which pretty much says it all. If you want someone to deliver your kid who has had a good nursing experience I suppose you'd have to go more the midwife route.

And it was a good night since Claire went right to sleep after running around and playing with other kids almost all day!!!

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Kelly said...

Maria, I think you should totally print out some articles and take them to your OB. She is obviously uneducated about this subject and is telling not only you, but other pregos to stop nursing. Some other pregos might not know that her advice about nursing while pregnant is way off base and they'll listen to her. If you can share your information with her (assuming she reads it) maybe she will stop telling other mothers to stop. :)
My OB was totally fine with me nursing Nathan while I was pregnant, but the nurse practitioner told me the same thing your OB did. Luckily I already knew the truth.