Saturday, December 12, 2009

Toddler Nursing

I just ran across a great article about toddler nursing. Here is my favorite line from the article: "Humans are the only mammals that don't let their offspring feed to term. I can't deny that I like to normalise breastfeeding in a world that sees it as increasingly alien..." I really enjoyed this article and it makes me want to let Claire nurse on demand when out and about instead of offering her a sippy, snacks, or snuggles. Nursing is just so much simpler! Who needs to haul along sippy cups when you've got 2 perfectly good sippy boobs!?! It mentioned something about the age of weaning should being closer to 6! "I've learnt that the natural age of weaning is closer to six years – when the first permanent molars appear – than six months."

I also really liked this comment, "No matter how hard I found breastfeeding, however, I couldn't stop, for two reasons. The more knowledgeable I became, the more vital I knew sustained breastfeeding to be. And, second, because it is obvious how much breastfeeding means to my daughter."

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Amy said...

I nursed Mary Grace until 28 months and Claire until 22 months... and by the time I was done I was DONE, and ready to strangle both of them if they ever tried to touch my boobs again.

If nursing until age 6 was a requirement, I wouldn't have kids. Effing NO. I want my body back.