Thursday, December 10, 2009

Silly, Silly OB.

I just got back from my OB appt. I am supposed to be 22 weeks, but baby boy is measuring 24 weeks. I HATE THE OBs. At my last visit, 4 weeks ago, I met with Dr. S. who already was mentioning induction because I was measuring big. GOOD GRIEF! Can we at least wait until APRIL to start mentioning inductions.

THIS TIME, I left ticked again, because I happened to mention I was still nursing. I didn't meant to. Really. I know you're not "supposed to breastfeed past 12 months." (Please not the dripping sarcasm.) The reason I'm ticked was because the silly OB, Dr. N, said "You're still nursing while you're pregnant?" Yup. "You're really not supposed to." Oh really? "There is a concern about the baby getting enough nutrients." Really.

So guess what I said. I said she could jot down on her little chart that she informed me of that, but I've read otherwise and plan on continuing. Ha. I felt her bristle a little at this point. She's like, well, legally we have to inform you to stop nursing in case the baby inside you isn't growing enough.


Women have tandem nursed for THOUSANDS OF YEARS. I am beyond pissed right now.

I said I was in La Leche League. I dropped that "L bomb" ha. And I have read otherwise. I turned out fine and my older brother David nursed while my mom was pregnant with me...and for 9 more months alongside me!!! GEEZ!!!


So then I got all bitchy. Yes I did. I said I would like to see what she had read otherwise. That caught her off guard. I asked where she had read that. Couldn't really remember. MAYBE BECAUSE THAT'S A LOT OF SHIT. Pardon my French.

Anyways, baby boy was fine. Did the normal pee in a cup, let them take my blood pressure, etc. Sometimes they want to take it twice because it tends to run low. I swear it's the fish oil vitamins I've been taking daily since trying to get pregnant with Claire.

His heart beat was strong and measured at 150. (If you follow old wives's tales, girls are supposed to have a higher heart beat, so that was wrong.)


I am so mad that the back of my neck feels hot.

At least Claire was GREAT at the neighbors. She was a perfect angel and didn't hit over a toy once. And didn't cry when I left or when she realized I'd left!!! She loves playing with Christopher since they are about the same age. He just turned 2 mid-November, so about 3ish months apart...

I've got frozen pizza in the oven. I'm too mad to make dinner. I had to blog instead. ;)



Oh, and she also mentioned the whole contraction crap from nipple stimulation but that is crap too because contractions without dilation is fine!


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Amy said...

I'd be pissed too. I hate the scaremongering that OB's do. Everything could "hurt the baby." You don't get to make ANY choices, because they know best, and any time you don't do what you're told, it "could hurt the baby." It's down to stupid shit - like cold cuts and tuna. For God's sake, how did the species survive for millions of years without a bunch of doctors telling everyone what to do all the time? It's so patriarchal and paternalistic (even though she's a woman).

And I love that on the one hand, you're measuring "so big" that they're already talking induction AT HALFTIME! Yet on the other hand, Claire's nursing could be causing the baby not to grow. Um... Sorry Dr. Sugar, you're going to have to pick one, because the baby can't be both growing too much and not growing enough. Not frigging possible.

You still have time to find an OB who is a better fit. Just because you're going with an OB, doesn't mean you have to put up with that noise. My OB was great.

And I nursed Mary Grace throughout my pregnancy with my Claire and for 9 months afterward, and everyone's peachy. Claire was even born early (36 weeks - induced for completely non-nursing related reasons - ICP and PIH) and she was the same weight that MG was at 39 weeks (7# 3oz) and was breathing on her own, etc. No NICU for us.

The baby's fine. Give 'em hell, because they're wrong and you know it.